My Apologies!

Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned my blog!  These last two week have just been busy and difficult, as I have been adjusting to a different schedule.  I plan to update you about everything on Tuesday!  


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2 thoughts on “My Apologies!

  1. Joyce Stoppel

    Belated Happy Valentines Day…..
    I just learned how to send you a note!!!

    Looking forward to your blog on Tuesday. Really enjoy them a lot. Hope all is going well for you….

    Went to Kyle’s game yesterday…haven’t really visited with your family just briefly at the game. They
    were going to Forest’s birthday after the game.

    We went to the Drag Racing Banquet last night. Grandpa got 2 awards….2nd place and Sportsman…
    it was a fun evening.

    Went to church and RCIA Class this morning…doing a little ironing and going to dinner at Olive G with some friends later.

    Weekend is gone already.

    Miss you…take care and will wait for your blog.

    Love you. Gramma

    • Thanks Grandma! Good to hear from you and get a little update about life back home! I got your Valentine’s Day card! I really appreciate it :) Hope all is well!

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