A Quick Story

I just had to add a quick story. So we just finished eating lunch, and I had one of my biggest accomplishments yet! I UNDERSTOOD TRINI!!!! I completely comprehended everything she said. Let me set the scene for you. Laura, Esperanza, Trinidad and I are all sitting at the table, when all of a sudden we look over and Trini is chewing on her teeth! Laura freaked out, and Esperanza and I laughed until I cried! Trini was pretty amused with herself and proceeded to tell us about a time when this little 3 or 4 year-old girl wouldn’t leave her house. She kept telling her to go home and the girl wouldn’t, so Trini popped her teeth out to scare her into going home! If this doesn’t give you a good idea about her personality, I don’t know what will. Anyways, today was the first day I could understand full sentences she said instead of just words here and there. Good way to start the week :)

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One thought on “A Quick Story

  1. Joyce Stoppel

    FUNNY….so glad you are enjoying your time there.

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