Catch-Up Day

Today I finally have a little time to catch-up on everything I didn’t get to do this last week.  So here is the continuation of my last post :)  Bear with me as I figure this whole blogging thing out.  My goal is to have a new post once a week, and I think the best day for me to post will be on Sundays.  

Ok, a little more about Granada.  It is such an interesting city.  People are always out and about, and there are more people out at night than during the day.  Also, the town is like a giant maze.  Honestly, every street besides the main throughways looks the same.  You will be walking down a random street, and then out of no where there is just this giant cathedral with super intricate architecture.  It’s like someone just had a bunch of spare time and cathedral building was their hobby!  Every time I see one, or if I see another statue, I’m like “where did this thing come from?!”  Also, Granada is famous for its free tapas.  For those who don’t know, tapas are basically like appetizers.  If you go to any restaurant and order a drink (about 2 euros), they will give you tapas along with it.  Sometimes, that’s all people do for dinner, and it’s super cheap!  The sidewalks in Granada are also very different.  They remind me of the black and white tiles you would imagine seeing in an old barber shop.  I will take a picture and post it.  Hmmm… what else about the town?  There are tons of shoe stores!  TONS!!  And the shoes are very affordable.  I am realizing that it’s not going to take me much time before I wear out my own shoes.  

Now a little about the discoteca.  Um… I don’t think it fits very well into my definition of fun.  So we met up as a group at midnight to go for tapas.  Then, we took a taxi to the discoteca, and no one was really there (because no one shoes up until 2am!).  My friends saw on FaceBook that ladies got in free, but the bouncer guys at the door told us it was 6 euros, so we ended up having to pay.  It wasn’t too bad before everyone arrived, but as the night progressed it got a lot crazier.  Let me just say, there were a lot of drunk people.  Also, there was a ton of smoking.  Side note:  smoking here is very common and also socially acceptable.  It’s like drinking coffee in the states.  Anyways, people can smoke inside the discotecas, and there is not much ventilation or space if you know what I mean.  I spent a lot of time outside with the fresh air smokers (it was a little easier to breathe).  Also, the Spanish guys there were kinda gross.  Some are funny though.  One group of Spanish guys who could speak little English would say “I am in love with you” every time we passed them, but it sounded more like “I am in juv wish shoo” haha.  Another walked up to my friend and told her that I was so boring.  Another walked up to us and told us we were so arrogant in English.  He didn’t mean arrogant.. he just didn’t know English!  Another asked if we wanted to smoke weed.  Seriously, by the end of the night you just kind of had to step back and laugh.  Anyways, I worried so much about the rest of the group (one girl left with some Spaniards she just met and was drunk) that it was more of a stressful experience for me!  I think I may be more of the “pre-game girl,” as in I will go get tapas with them before they leave for the discoteca and then go home :)  We didn’t get home until 6 am that morning, and I slept until 2:30 pm.  My day was gone! Oh gosh, well it was definitely an experience.  I don’t know how some people do it every night.  

Ok, I wanted to include the differences here that I have noticed and also some little side notes:

1. For one, people dress super classy and in very neutral colors.  No sweats at all (which is killing me).  

2. They don’t use Kleenex!  I haven’t seen any.  Their deodorant here is weird too.  Its like a liquid “rolly” ball thing.  Sorry, that’s a terrible description, I will take a picture.  It’s not like a balm (right word?) like we are used to.  

3. When you order a coffee here, its maybe 12oz.  It’s usually just coffee and milk.  

4. Pastries here are delicious and in many places they are made fresh daily.  There are a ton of “pastelerías” that sell just these!  I am in love with nepolitanas, which are kinda like a croissant stuffed with chocolate and a little honey drizzled on the top.  See the pictures (if I can ever get them posted).

5. They are so eco friendly! When you are not washing soap off your body when you are showering, you turn the water off.  It’s kinda cold, but it makes sense to do it!  Also, if you leave a room at all, you turn off the lights.  Lights DO NOT get left on.  When they dry their clothes, they do it outside.  There is a contraption outside our window for drying clothes, which I will take a pic of.  Also, they have portable heaters that they keep under their tables.  Don’t ask me why.  My mamá recycles, which is cool!  There are receptacles for recycling up and down many of the streets!

6. So much ham.  They eat very little beef (I have not had any).  Their favorite type of ham is prepared through a process of curing it.  It’s not my favorite, but I will have to get used to it!  They eat a lot of chicken as well.  Dessert usually is fruit.  Their fruit is SO sweet.  So much better here than in the states.  Very seldom do they eat vegetables.  We have lettuce with just about every meal, but that’s it.  Also, most people go to the supermarket every day.  They prefer to have fresh food with less preservatives, which is awesome!  They also refrigerate food less, which is a little scary.  I haven’t gotten sick yet!  Every day, a man drops off bread too.  He is the bread mad, very similar to a milk man :)  They LOVE bread, especially my grandma.  She told me it’s her favorite food (I understood her!). Lastly, their food doesn’t have a ton of flavor.  They don’t use a ton of seasoning, but it’s still good!  Just different.

7. Water is safe.  We can drink tap water (Phew!)

8. Light switches are weird here!  

9. The use of the vosotros form.  Spain is the only country that uses this form of referring to people, and basically it means “you guys” and is very informal.  They also drop the last letters of many of their words.  For example, instead of “gracias” they say “gracia.”  It’s harder to understand.

10. I ran into a window yesterday. 

11. I had an omelet for dinner last night.  However, here it’s called a tortilla.  Everything is called a tortilla.  I can’t keep one tortilla straight from another.  

12. I look Spanish!  At the discoteca one guy walked up to my friend and asked if I spoke English. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, so I kept saying “huh.”  So he, very slowly said “Do You Speak English?”  I was like, “yeah you idiot.”  Sorry, kinda blunt, but really.  Also, another guy asked if I was married because of my purity ring I wear (keep in mind these guys are friendly to everyone).  That thing is going to come in handy :)

13.  Shorts and tights.  I do not understand the fashion.

14.  My Spanish Bible is awesome!  It takes me forever to read one chapter, but it really helps me to understand the use and contexts of words!  Also, it’s cool to see differences :)


I can’t think of anything else at the moment.  I need to write down the things that strike me as weird before they start becoming normal!  I am not going to read back over this post (sorry), so I apologize for any misspelled, confusing portions with poor grammar!  Well, I am going to eat lunch soon and then we are going to explore!  Heading up towards the Alhambra (castle seen in the main pic on my blog) to explore the gardens and also an old cemetery nearby!  

Until next time!

<3 Bri


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One thought on “Catch-Up Day

  1. Joyce Stoppel

    Hi Bri……so good to hear from you.

    Nothing nearly exciting going on here as it sounds like there.

    Enjoyed your “catch-up blog”. What did you mean when you said #10. “I ran into a window yesterday”! did you get hurt or hurt the window? or was it a phrase that meant something else?

    Sunny, windy day today…about 45 degrees I think.

    Sounds like you are enjoying Spain and doing lots. I know the Mexican people here are happy, party people. Food and fun!

    How are your classes going? Glad you are enjoying your bible. Glad you decided bilingual.

    Haven’t seen your family lately…went and watched Morgan play basketball today. They lost 19-16.

    Take care sweetie…have a good week.

    Luv U.

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